Founded in 2007, Cleopatra’s Beauti Spot is a dedication to my deceased grandmother Cleopatra with whom I spent my early childhood years in the Caribbean.

Cleopatra’s Beauti Spot has a strong belief in delivering a supreme customer service in a warm and friendly environment.

After moving to the UK and spending a number of years at various organisations both at lower and middle management levels, I decided to pursue my life long dream of entrepreneurship, namely hair care and beauty products. This was my first love, having grown up an Afro Caribbean family for whom hair and beauty care were a top priority. With this in mind, I relocated from the hustle and bustle of London to Chatham, Kent where I currently run my business.

With a growth in the number of Afro Caribbean, Eastern European and mixed Ethnic population, moving into this area, I decided that I should indeed emphasise on all hair and beauty care to cater for the needs of these people, which were much needed in the area as there were but a few shops that catered for their needs.

Since embarking on this venture, I have found that most people are very receptive to honest and fact based advice on both products and their hair. By giving consultations on the products that are sold and having in-depth knowledge and personal experience with most of these myself.

I always receive positive feedback from the customers, I demonstrate wherever possible and also stress on the importance of keeping precision of instruction and the dangers of not adhering to such instructions.